Idea Portal

The Digital Transformation Office (DXO) supports and facilitates the digitalization journey for TUM employees. We welcome everyone’s ideas, requests, and input regarding the digitalization of processes, tasks, and activities.
You can submit ideas on digitalization via the idea portal, where you can also see the current status of your idea based on the status icon.

When you share your ideas with the DXO, we carefully analyze them, considering their potential impact and any associated risks. Our goal is to find ways to seamlessly integrate these ideas into our existing architecture and processes. We also explore opportunities to align them with ongoing projects or licensed products, leveraging synergies for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Collaboration and communication are fundamental to our approach. We work closely with all organizations, workgroups, and key individuals involved in digitalization efforts at the central and decentralized levels within TUM. By engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, we ensure that our digital transformation efforts are comprehensive, inclusive, and reflective of the diverse perspectives and expertise within the university.

The DXO is committed to supporting you on your digitalization journey. We are here to listen, provide guidance, connect you with the right stakeholders, and help bring your ideas to life. Together, we can drive successful digital transformation and unlock the organization’s potential for innovation and growth.

Abbildung zeigt ein Zoom-Meeting

Zoom – Migration to Telekom tenant

TUM has extended its contract with Zoom for another year, switching to the new contract partner Telekom.

Appointment portal online

Appointments to new professorships can now be managed and advertised via TUM’s new appointment portal.

Digital statutes and regulations

Statutes can now be published purely digitally due to a legal amendment in the Higher Education Innovation Act (HIG).

Travel management with BayRMS

Since January 2023, BayRMS has been available as a digital system for requesting and billing short domestic trips.

Vulnerability scans on all IT systems

Our IT security team has started to scan all of TUM networks for security vulnerabilities within our systems using the Greenbone Security Assitant.
die Abbildung zeigt einen Screenshot des TUM Roomfinders

New TUM Roomfinder

The new Roomfinder is available at and replaces the previous, very outdated Roomfinder.

Koinon IT Portals available for all schools

Koinon (from ancient Greek community, commonwealth, or federation) is a portal for the digitalization of administrative processes at schools.

Generate your user certificate on your own

As a student or employee/guest of TUM, you can easily generate a user certificate for your TUM email address(es) via TUMonline.

Data science storage available to all scientists

LRZ’s Data Science Storage (DSS) is a novel approach at LRZ to solve the demands and requirements of data-intensive science.