Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

The LRZ is TUM’s IT Computing Centre, providing all central IT services, from Network to High-Performance Computing.

LRZ‘s robust infrastructure allows us to handle and process vast amounts of data efficiently. As we move into the era of big data, this collaboration proves instrumental in enabling data-intensive research across all faculties. From genomics to climate modeling, from AI-driven analyses to simulation-based research, our partnership with the center empowers us to push the boundaries of knowledge.


Dr. Martin Eberl


Dr. Michael Strobel

At TUM, collaboration lies at the heart of our mission. We create a powerful knowledge, innovation, and impact network by partnering with the LRZ Super Computing Centre, collaborating within Greater Munich, engaging in nationwide initiatives and international alliances.


Dr.-Ing. Alexander Braun

Senior Vice President, CIO

Digitalverbund Bayern

To successfully meet the increasing demands of the digitization of the higher education landscape, cross-university cooperation in information and communication technology is being expanded and institutionalized. This commitment is further deepened within TUM’s participation in the state-wide collaboration platform Digitalverbund Bayern.

We participate in all Bavarian central procurement tenders to facilitate procurement and fulfill legal requirements.

Collaboration within the HITS IT Security activity strengthens our joint efforts to secure our networks and systems.

Facing increasing requirements regarding data privacy and legal issues, strategic cooperation is necessary to find solutions together. Collaboration in the HITS IT Law chapter allows us to merge requirements and gain support for all legal matters.

One Munich Strategy

Collaborating with our city’s Ludwig Maximilian Universität (LMU), Hochschule München (HM), and research centers allows us to bridge expertise and resources. By tapping into each institution’s unique strengths, we create a synergy that propels research and education forward, nurturing a knowledge-sharing culture and mutual growth.

Campus management services should be administered and hosted with a joint effort to reduce workload and elevate synergies for more efficient operation.

Topics: Strategic Cooperations

Grammarly available for all TUM members

Starting May 2023, Grammarly is available to all members of TUM.