Embracing a Digital and Paperless Mindset


We will establish a culture that values digitization and encourages a paperless, digital approach to all administrative and management tasks.

Training and Support

Together with the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning (TUM IL³), we will provide comprehensive training and online resources to advance the digital work skills of all staff members to help them leverage technology effectively (e.g., TUM horizons).

Continuous Improvement

We will seek feedback from staff members to identify areas where the transition to digital processes can be optimized, ensuring everyone feels engaged and involved in the transformation.


Dr. Alexandra Heidsieck


Dr. Mattia Marchesini

Together, we want to embrace this digitalization journey, empowering each member of our university’s administration and science management to work more efficiently, collaborate seamlessly, and contribute to a sustainable future. The dedication and active participation of each member of our TUM community will be vital in realizing this vision.


Dr.-Ing. Alexander Braun

Senior Vice President, CIO

Leveraging SAP Technology

Implementation and Integration

We will harness the power of SAP technology to support our digital initiatives, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility across administrative systems and processes.

Customization and Configuration

We will work closely with staff members to tailor SAP solutions to their needs, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface that simplifies their work and enhances productivity.

Training and Support

We will provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to empower staff members to leverage SAP technology effectively, promoting self-sufficiency and confidence in utilizing the platform.

Collaboration and Engagement

Participatory Decision-Making

We will actively engage staff members at all levels to participate in the decision-making process regarding the transition to paperless administration, recognizing their expertise and insights.

Transparent Communication

We will foster open and transparent communication channels to inform staff members about digitalization initiatives’ progress, benefits, and impact.

TUM-wide Collaboration

We will facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing across Schools and Integrative Research Institutes, encouraging staff members to learn from one another, share best practices, and collectively contribute to the success of the paperless transformation.

Embracing DevSecOps and Transforming for Agile Excellence

Agile Development

We will embrace agile methodologies and DevSecOps practices to facilitate rapid and iterative development of digital solutions to enhance administrative and operational processes.

Product-Centric Mindset

Guided by modern Product Management principles, we will transition, where appropriate, from a project-based approach to a product-centric mindset.

Process Optimization and Automation

Process Analysis

Together with TUM IL3, we will collaborate closely with staff members to analyze existing processes, identifying opportunities for automation and optimization.

Workflow Automation

We will leverage SAP technology and other relevant tools to automate routine administrative tasks, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risks of errors or data breaks.

Continuous Evaluation

We will continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our paperless processes, actively seeking feedback from staff members and making necessary adjustments to ensure continuous improvement.

Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Practices

Environmental Responsibility

We will promote sustainability by reducing paper consumption and embracing digital alternatives while minimizing energy consumption through efficient platforms and streamlined processes.

Electronic Documentation

We will transition from paper-based documentation to electronic formats, ensuring secure storage, easy retrieval, and reduced environmental impact.

Sustainable, digital procurement

We will require our contractual partners to commit to sustainable products and workflows.

Topics: Operations and Administration

Abbildung zeigt eine Digitale Oberfläche mit einer Wolke die Daten speichert

SAP Transformation started

Since January 2024, TUM has started its SAP S4/HANA transformation. This is not just an upgrade but the redesign of all administrative processes at TUM. Employees can learn about the project status in our wiki (TUM login required).
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TUM Guideline for the use of AI

The use of AI-supported processes / algorithms and AI-supported tools is steadily increasing. Ki and data protection are not mutually exclusive.

TUM Idea Portal online

The Digital Transformation Office (DXO) supports and facilitates the digitalization journey for TUM employees.

Appointment portal online

Appointments to new professorships can now be managed and advertised via TUM’s new appointment portal.

Digital statutes and regulations

Statutes can now be published purely digitally due to a legal amendment in the Higher Education Innovation Act (HIG).

Travel management with BayRMS

Since January 2023, BayRMS has been available as a digital system for requesting and billing short domestic trips.
die Abbildung zeigt einen Screenshot des TUM Roomfinders

New TUM Roomfinder

The new Roomfinder is available at https://nav.tum.de and replaces the previous, very outdated Roomfinder.

Koinon IT Portals available for all schools

Koinon (from ancient Greek community, commonwealth, or federation) is a portal for the digitalization of administrative processes at schools.

Generate your user certificate on your own

As a student or employee/guest of TUM, you can easily generate a user certificate for your TUM email address(es) via TUMonline.

TUM Living

TUM offers its members its own housing exchange, available to prospective tenants and landlords.