Starting May 2023, Grammarly is available to all members of TUM.

Grammar and Spelling Correction:

At its core, Grammarly offers real-time grammar and spelling correction. It identifies and rectifies punctuation mistakes, misspelled words, and sentence structure issues. This feature is precious for producing error-free documents and ensuring clarity in writing.

Style and Tone Analysis:

Grammarly goes beyond basic grammar correction by analyzing the style and tone of the content. It assists writers in maintaining a consistent tone throughout their work, whether formal, casual, professional, or creative. This analysis contributes to ideas’ coherence and appropriate expression in different writing contexts.

Application Across Professions:

Grammarly finds applications across diverse professional fields, including academics, business communication, journalism, and content creation. It aids professionals in producing polished and well-structured content that adheres to specific writing conventions.

Further information can be found here:

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SAP Transformation started

Since January 2024, TUM has started its SAP S4/HANA transformation. This is not just an upgrade but the redesign of all administrative processes at TUM. Employees can learn about the project status in our wiki (TUM login required).
Confluence Migration

Confluence Migration

In response to recent Atlassian licensing changes, we have migrated our Confluence platform to BayernCollab.

Digital.Campus Bayern learning platform available

Digital.Campus Bayern is an initiative of the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.
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IT security task force established

As of August 1, 2023, TUM has appointed a new task force for IT security, which will handle all IT security issues.
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TUM Guideline for the use of AI

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The use of AI-supported processes / algorithms and AI-supported tools is steadily increasing. Ki and data protection are not mutually exclusive.

TUM Research Data Hub starts its work

The TUM Research Data Hub is the central point of contact for TUM researchers and partners in all matters of research data management (RDM), following the TUM guidelines for handling research data. Our service portfolio includes consulting, training, networking events, infrastructure solutions, tools, and handouts for all phases of a research cycle.

Grammarly available for all TUM members

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Starting May 2023, Grammarly is available to all members of TUM.

TUM Idea Portal online

The Digital Transformation Office (DXO) supports and facilitates the digitalization journey for TUM employees.
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Zoom – Migration to Telekom tenant

TUM has extended its contract with Zoom for another year, switching to the new contract partner Telekom.
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